Fable & Mane is a modern hair wellness brand inspired by Ancient Indian beauty secrets

The Founders

A Family owned business. Our sibling founders on a mission to bring Indian wisdom to Western beauty.

Akash & Niki Mehta

Stronger Hair begins with healthy roots. Our journey began when we returned to our roots starting with our own hair roots. We could not find a modern clean, cultural and conscious brand that celebrated Indian Hair Secrets in the market, so we joined forces to create one, paying homage to our grandma and the fascinating fables she used to tell us while massaging oil into our scalps. Discover our vegan and silicone-free creations, formulated with potent Indian Oils for a beautiful mane and mind.

Healthy hair needs a healthy planet. We are committed to protecting and preserving the habitats of endangered, wild tigers in India. All living beings deserve to be free.


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