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A beginner’s guide to meditation

A beginner’s guide to meditation

Fable & Mane is deep-rooted in the ancient holistic practice of Ayurveda - from the ingredients used in our formulas, down to the art of meditation. This World Meditation Day, we asked our in-house wellness guru and certified meditation teacher, Niki Mehta, (you may also know her as our Co-Founder and Creative Director!) to highlight the benefits of meditation and share her top tips and favorite meditation books. Whether you’re a beginner or already a seasoned meditator, we’re here to help you on your journey to inner peace!

What is meditation?

Meditation is the practice of intentionally spending time with your mind. It is about stillness and inner reflection; being aware of your emotions and learning to observe them without judgement; being present in the moment and atune with your body and mind as one. It’s something you can do anytime and anywhere - even a conscious breath counts.

What are the benefits of meditation?

Life can be difficult sometimes. And while we can’t control what happens, we can change our perspective on things. Staying in the present and learning in awareness and compassion can bring pockets of peace into our every day lives, helping us observe our emotions and thoughts without judgement.

The effects of meditation can be different on everyone, but it’s proven to help us stress less, sleep better, reduce anxiety, and find heightened levels of inner happiness, focus, compassion, patience and acceptance.

Tips for beginners

  • Don’t put pressure on yourself: meditation takes practice. Learning to meditate is like learning a new skill or exercising a muscle. You might feel restless, overwhelmed, uncomfortable or distracted, but with consistency you’ll feel confident and calm when you meditate.
  • The best time to meditate is whenever you can: it doesn’t matter when or where you are. Anytime you feel overwhelmed or want to bring a state of calm to your mind, take a break and meditate.
  • Be curious and be patient: keep an open mind while you meditate - meditation is about observing the mind as it is, not how we’d like it to be. It’s a journey for life - the more you practice, the more effective it will be. 


Niki’s meditation reading list: