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Diwali with the Fable Family

Diwali with the Fable Family

Diwali is the story Ram, king of the ancient city of Ayodha and his wife Sita. One day, during exile, Sita is kidnapped by the egoistic king of Lanka, Ravana. Ram goes into battle to rescue his wife and when he returns with her to Ayodha, the jubilant denizens of his city light thousands and thousands of diyas (earthen candles) in honour of their king and queen’s return. This is where the word Diwali comes from - the festival of diyas, the festival of lights.

Ram’s tale is a triumphant one of valour, glory and of good defeating evil. And while this is true, at the heart of it, it’s a heart wrenching story of a lovelorn man languishing for his other half. 

When Ram goes in search of Sita, he quite literally moves mountains to bring her back. His love inspires Hanuman, the monkey warrior, to rescue Sita from Ravana’s captivity. He recognises her because of the resplendent aura that surrounded her, like a flame in a forest.

Diwali is the fable of a love that’s lost and found again. Its spirit is embodied in this very sense of togetherness when families celebrate with one another, give thanks for all their blessings and embrace the joy of having found each other in this lifetime. This year, the tiger tribe at Fable & Mane invites you to celebrate with us.

The magnificent festival of lights has since then taken on the form of a five day period of celebrations. 

Day 1 is Dhanteras. When the milky ocean was churned by the gods, it brought forth a cornucopia of gifts, including Dhanwantari, the god of Ayurveda. So, while this is the day when wealth is invited into the home, it’s also a good day to invite prosperity of every kind! It’s the perfect day to start a practice that serves your higher good - whatever that might look like! Getting back to reading, meditating, picking up a sport or practising some yoga are all lovely ways to honour the god of good health.

Our Hair Yoga Mat is the perfect addition to your yoga practice. Handmade with healing herbs held sacred in Vedic traditions, each mat is handwoven with cotton and jute and hand-dyed with Turmeric using the age-old Ayurvedic dyeing process.


Day 2 is Choti Diwali or Little Diwali. On this day, the goddess Kali is honoured by letting light consume all darkness. One wakes up early in the morning and performs abhyanga (oiling ritual of the whole body) and champi (head massage) and washes it all away with potions of herbs and flowers. Then the entire house is cleaned and scrubbed before candles are lit ahead of the big day.

The Diwali Soothing Duo was made to cleanse and nourish. Banish product buildup from the scalp with the SahaScalp Amla Soothing Serum and discover the joy of a soothes, cleansed scalp. Powered by the potent powers of Amla and Bakuchi, this scalp serum is ideal for your pre-Diwali champi. Light the Incredible India Scented Candle after your abhyanga ritual and welcome Diwali with its sacred scent of the holy city of Madurai.

Day 3 is the main day of Diwali! On Diwali day, as the night goddess brings with her the new moon night, rows and rows of diyas are lit and it is truly a sight to behold. In culture across the world, lights symbolise good luck, purity and harmony. In Hinduism too, the significance of lighting a diya is a reflection of our inner spiritual light. Families gather to celebrate with loads of food, games, songs and dance. Gifts are exchanged and prayers are said to honour and welcome Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, prosperity and abundance. 

Our HoliRoots Diwali Ritual is an ideal way to celebrate in the festival of lights. The HoliRoots Hair Oil, Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mask are formulated with Ayurvedic ingredients that enrich the hair and mind. Also included in the ritual is the Incredible India Scented Candle that embodies the spirit of Diwali, made to diffuse its divine fragrance of Jasmine Sambac and Champaca throughout your home. 


Day 4 is Govardhan Puja and marks the new year in the Hindu calendar. After three days of celebration, this day is dedicated to giving thanks and taking a moment to be grateful. Food is prepared with a feeling of gratitude and offered up to the divine. 

Today, take some time to consume food and drink with mindfulness. May all your blessings be manifested a hundred fold.

Day 5 is Bhai Dooj. On the last day of the festival, the sibling bond is celebrated. We hope that you take time to celebrate your siblings and cousins today! Brothers visit the sister on this day as she applies red turmeric powder to his forehead in the hopes that the spirit of Shakti is awakened to protect him always. Our secret-keepers, our mischief-makers, our light at the end of tunnels - may our siblings always have good fortune. 

As good wishes from our sibling co-founders, we’re giving a free Good Karma Hair Scarf, made with satin to protect your hair and designed with Mane Mantras for an abundant day, with every order above $50! 

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