It all started at the roots!

It all started at the roots!

Fable & Mane is rooted in our founder’s authentic Indian heritage and personal experiences.

During a time of stress, Nikita was reminded of the power of the Indian tradition of hair oiling.

Drawn back to her roots for a solution to her lacklustre hair, she recalled a time when her grandmother would massage her head with handcrafted blends of plant oils so effective for the long, thick and lustrous hair of Indian women that we’ve all come to envy.

Grow from within

Embodying the spirit of their grandpa – a healer, a guiding light, and most of all, a wise genie with an incredible silver beard.

His secret to hair growth? Good thoughts, free movement, followed by a cup of chai in silence. A state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit achieved from deep within.

Nikita was amazed by how she felt — centered, confident and well. So she set out on a journey to learn more about Indian beauty secrets and share it the world over.

The Founder’s Fable

As a young girl, Niki’s hair would bring the family together. Tales were told, fragrant oils were sold for a bond so deep, it was a ritual to keep.
Her brother, Akash arrived with sun and heat-damaged strands. They were stressed so deep, it must have been the lack of sleep.
In India, they found ten potent roots, an ancient remedy to strengthen and repair with the utmost care.
All bring to your home and help the wild freely roam.