Balance & Hydrate Duo
Balance & Hydrate Duo
Balance & Hydrate Duo
Balance & Hydrate Duo

Balance & Hydrate Duo

$68.00 USD


Double mask with our SahaScalp™ Cooling Scalp Mud Mask to treat and purify the scalp, while HoliRoots™ Hair Mask nourishes strands and repairs dry ends.

Give your hair and scalp a treat with this double masking duo that work together for the ultimate hair and scalp hydration. Our SahaScalp Cooling Scalp Mud Mask is packed with oxygen-rich Sea Silt that purifies and heals stressed-out scalps, and Apricot Kernel Oil to deeply hydrate the scalp and roots, while our HoliRoots Hair Mask, enriched with a moisturizing coconut cream blend and frizz-fighting mango butter, can be applied from mid-lengths to ends for an intensive repairing treatment for softer strands.

What's Included?

  • SahaScalp™ Cooling Scalp Mud Mask 177ml / 6 fl. oz
  • HoliRoots Hair Mask 237ml / 8 fl oz
Our Promises
Product Use
  • Use as a weekly treatment to gently soothe the scalp and provide a deep conditioning treatment for the hair.

Full Ingredients List

See individual product page for full list of ingredients.

The Power of Indian Roots

Long ago in the Indian wilderness, a Sal tree stood glorious in the sun. Far and wide my stems could reach; but when the wind blows, these roots are weak. Dashmool, Dashmool I seek. Growth begins with ten holy plant roots known as Dashmool. Delight in this gift from the indigenes of India, the land of hair health & beauty.


01. How do I use the SahaScalp Cooling Scalp Mud Mask?

After using HoliRoots Shampoo, apply a dime size in sections directly to the roots of wet hair and massage into scalp. Leave up to 10 minutes. Rinse out and follow with HoliRoots Hair Mask or HoliRoots Conditioner on strands.

02. Can I use the Mud Mask instead of Shampoo?

Although the Mud Mask has purifying properties for the scalp, for better results we recommend cleansing your scalp with Shampoo before using it.

03. Can I use the Cooling Scalp Mud Mask on my hair lengths?

For better results, we recommend using the Cooling Scalp Mud Mask only on your scalp.

04. How do I use the HoliRoots Hair Mask?

Apply desired amount of product from tip to root on damp hair, section by section until evenly applied. Gently rub product into hair strands and allow to sit for at least 5 minutes. Rinse well with warm water.