Scalp Massager Comb


Turn heads with our natural scalp massager and say goodbye to breakage! This comb helps detangle strands and add volume to your hair. Suitable for all scalp and hair types.


✓ Gently detangles all hair types

✓ Non-static and eco-friendly

✓ Massages and soothes the scalp

Crafted to promote strong healthy hair, our ebony wooden comb is both elegant and functional with wide rounded teeth to gently detangle all hair types. Use it daily to give yourself a light head massage to increase circulation to nourish your roots and soothe your scalp. For best results, use with our HoliRoots Hair Oil.

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Ingredient List

100% Ebony wood

How To Use

  1. Use on dry strands as part of your daily detangling routine.
  2. Starting from the ends, comb through your hair to smooth strands and detangle.
  3. Using circular and gliding motions, gently massage the comb across the scalp with a few drops of the HoliRoots™ Hair Oil to increase circulation, nourish roots and promote growth.

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